Scholarship Information*

Since 1992 the Capital Area Chapter has funded an endowment through PSAA that awards annual scholarships to students who meet the need criteria established by Branch and the University.    The endowment is in the process of having the name amended to the Capital Area Chapter to reflect the name change.


                                    Book Value as of 6/30/2018

Penn State Club of Greater Harrisburg                                            $137,597.81


Please Note: Individuals wishing to apply for the endowment scholarship should NOT contact the Capital Area Chapter. The Capital Area Chapter has established certain eligibility criteria with the Office of Student Aid, University Park. The Office of Student Aid sends a list of eligible students to the Capital Area Chapter who then uses that list to mail out application packets. This process begins around March/April each year. If a student meets the established criteria, then they will automatically be mailed a packet.


*All individual contributions or event net proceeds that are designated for Scholarship/Grants are restricted to that purpose.

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