Frequently Asked Questions...

About Us:
The Penn State Alumni Association Capital Area Chapter is an affiliate group of the main Penn State Alumni Association in University Park, Pennsylvania. The Capital Area Alumni Chapter serves Penn State alumni and friends residing in and around the Harrisburg region encompassing both Dauphin and Cumberland Counties

Quick Facts:
Number of Paid Members: 344
Number of Free Registered Users: 17,355
Number of PSU Alumni Residing in Capital Region: 22,414
Number of Chapter Board Members: 9

Q: Do I need to be a Penn State alumnus in order to be a Chapter member?
A: No. Any supporter of Penn State can become a member regardless of their previous affiliations with other educational institutions.

Q: I am interested in becoming a member but would prefer a paper application and the option to pay by check? What should I do?
A: If you are uncomfortable with submitting your credit card information on our website and would like to request a paper application as well as the option to pay by check, please contact our Membership Chair for detailed instructions.

Q: I am a member of national Penn State Alumni Association. Does this make me a member of the Capital Area Chapter?
A: Unfortunately, it does not. We are a separate affiliate group of the University.

Q: I am a member of the Nittany Lion Club. Does this make me a member of the Chapter?
A: No. See above.

Q: I want to get involved but do not want to responsibility of a board position. What can I do?
A: We are always looking for volunteers to assist our chapter. If you are interested in lending a helping hand by joining a committee, please contact the Chapter President for details.

Q: I want to offer a benefit or discount to your members. How may I do so?
A: If you have a valuable benefit or discount that you would like to extend to our members, please contact the Chapter President.

Q: I want to submit something for the chapter newsletter. How may I do so?
A: If you have an event or activity you would like the chapter to consider promoting, please contact the Chapter President or Webmaster. If you have an item for sale (like football tickets), are looking for a ride to a football game, interested in renting out an apartment, or have a general message you’d like to share with our members, please do so on our Message Board. For all other inquires or requests, please contact the Chapter President.