Rick's Challenge - Creation of a World Class Autism Center

The Chapter Board has confirmed it will launch its new philanthropy initiative in support of Dr. Michael Murray's efforts to develop a world-class Autism Center at the Penn State Medical Center.  We selected this initiative due to the tremendous need for improved services to the Autistic community.  In addition, we were impressed with Dr. Murray's innovative approach, basing the creation of the proposed center on a cross disciplinary basis, leveraging centers of expertise throughout the Penn State system.   Dr. Murray also brings a high level of personal motivation and energy to  creating the center, with his own child being autistic.

Penn State is the only Big 10 School that does currently maintain an autism center.  We obviously need to rectify that as soon as possible by supporting Dr.  Murray's efforts to not only establish an autism center, but to leverage the synergy of Penn State’s many resources and talents to build the world's best facility supporting the Autistic Community.

At our kick-off TV tailgate fundraising event one of our participants pointed out that my introduction to the campaign was flawed. Because we have been entrenched in the efforts to support the Four Diamond where we promote the fight against pediatric cancer, we referenced the fight against Autism.   It was pointed out that we are not fighting Autism, we are promoting understanding and providing facilities that provide support to the Autistic Community to provide a better quality of life. As part of our effort we will be also be generating a series of articles that provide additional background and education related to the Autistic Community’s needs and the world leading technologies and services being developed at Penn State. 

We invite you to aggressively support our upcoming fundraising efforts in support of this noble cause. We invite all our local members who are interested in becoming more active to join our Philanthropy Committee to lend their talents in helping us reach our goal. 

We will also be reaching out across the entire Penn State Alumni group network to request their support in the effort to provide the world’s best facilities, technology, and services to the Autistic Community.  

 I challenge the Penn State Nittany Nation to support Dr Murray's efforts and make us Penn State Proud!