Updated Meeting Guidance From PSAA

Pandemic In Person Meeting Guidance

We want to update you on Alumni Association (PSAA) guidance to affiliate groups with respect to in-person events and meetings. It goes without saying that the safety and health of our alumni, members, volunteer leaders, and staff is of utmost importance. Over the past few months we have monitored the ongoing situation, consulted with peers and University partners, including the newly released guidance from the University, and developed an approach that addresses both central Alumni Association and affiliate group in-person events and meetings.

Last week, the Alumni Association decided to cancel, move virtual, or postpone all in-person engagement opportunities through the 2020 calendar year. The sheer size and scope of our in-person events and meetings prohibit us from reaching the federal, state, local, and University social distancing and other standards needed to ensure attendee and staff safety. We will continue to program virtually and serve our alumni, students, and friends.

Because Alumni Association affiliate groups are dispersed geographically, we will follow the University in a locality-based approach with several overarching requirements/guidelines. It is important to note that the Alumni Association fully supports a group’s decision to follow our practice and hold-off on in-person activities through, at least, the remainder of the 2020 calendar year. Groups that choose to host in-person activities must follow a similar, comprehensive review and meet the same standards to keep top of mind the safety of attendees and volunteers. The attached document will walk you through the standards for hosting an in-person event or meeting.

A few items of particular note:

  • Out of an abundance of caution, the Alumni Association supports a group’s decision to follow our practice of no in-person activities through December 2020 (simply out of caution, limited reach, feasibility, etc.);
  • Going virtual is the preference – if you can go virtual, please do so. Board meetings and such should remain virtual;
  • For events that involve students, the PSAA is following the university’s approach to incoming students. All activities relating to admitted student programs, prospective student events, and campus visitation are suspended through Aug. 31 and, therefore, affiliate groups are not to host in-person student sendoffs. Also, students, regardless of year, should not receive invitations to other in-person activities through August 31, 2020. Stay tuned for additional information and resources on hosting a virtual sendoff;
  • If the group’s leadership decides to host an in-person event it must follow the most restrictive guidance available (federal, state, local, or University) - specific guidance is found in the attached document;
  • Groups not following the attached guidelines risk becoming a group that fall outside of a group in good standing and a loss of financial support, activity restrictions, etc.; and
  • Affiliate group regional directors are here to support you and your group in making these decisions and answering your questions.

Please review the attached guidelines and use them to inform your group’s decision making. Over the next week, your Regional Director will be reaching out to discuss all of this with you. In the meantime don’t hesitate to reach out and thanks for all that you and the other group volunteers do for Penn State and the Alumni Association.


Kevin Barron

Director, Volunteer Services