Restrictions on Penn State Alumni Events remain in Place

Live Event Guideline Update from PSAA

As winter approaches and the weather turns colder, cases of COVID-19 are once again on the rise. We have received many inquiries as to whether there will be any changes to the event guidelines that we previously provided to our groups. The short answer is no.

The guidelines, that were shared with all our leaders this past summer and again as football season began, remain in place regarding in-person gatherings until further notice.

Our recommendation to all groups is to refrain from hosting any in-person events. Groups that choose to host in-person activities must follow a comprehensive review of safety protocols and meet the standards outlined in the attached document keeping top of mind the health and welfare of attendees and volunteers. This one-page document will walk you through the standards for hosting an in-person event or meeting. Please read it carefully. Below are a few items of note: 

  • Out of an abundance of caution, the Alumni Association supports a group’s decision to follow our practice of no in-person activities through at least the end of the spring semester until directed otherwise (simply out of caution, limited reach, feasibility, etc.); 
  • Going virtual is the preference – if you can go virtual, please do so. Board meetings and such should remain virtual; 
  • If the group’s leadership decides to host an in-person event it must follow the most restrictive guidance available (federal, state, local, or University) - specific guidance is found in the attached one-page document that we created on Hosting an In-Person Event
  • Groups not following these guidelines risk becoming a group that falls outside of a group in good standing and a loss of financial support, activity restrictions, etc.; 
  • When advertising your event, communicate all safety measures and requirements in advance, and keep in mind the image that your group is projecting by choosing to host in-person events.