Penn State Post-Doctoral Study Looking for Participants

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Jimikaye Courtney, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral research fellow at Penn State working with Drs. David Conroy and Michael Russell.

They are conducting a research study and are looking for Penn State alumni who live in Pennsylvania that might be interested in helping to support Penn State's research agenda. This study is being conducted remotely due to COVID-19.  Below are brief details about the study:

Measuring Alcohol Use in Daily Life

  1. Seeking individuals who are:
    1. 26-40 years of age
    2. Drink 2 or more alcoholic beverages per week
    3. Use an iPhone
  2. Participation consists of:
    1. Wearing alcohol wrist device (size of a small watch or small Fitbit) for 28 days
    2. One phone survey (~2 minutes) per day
    3. Three short surveys at baseline, 14- and 28-days.
  3. Compensation: Up to $120 paid in gift cards

Participants who have already completed the study reported enjoying participating and liked being able to use a smartphone app in combination with the wrist monitor to see what their alcohol intake looks like, and they found the wrist device comfortable to wear.

If you are interested, please reach out directly to Dr. Courtney for additional details.

PAMT T32 Post-Doctoral Fellow

The Pennsylvania State University

320 Biobehavioral Health Building

University Park, PA 16802