We All Scream for Berkey Ice Cream!!!


The Berkey Creamery is a favorite spot for alumni and visitors when traveling through University Park. Everyone seems to have a favorite flavor and are willing to wait in long lines to get a cone.

The Creamery was first established in 1865 and is now part of the Department of Food Science. They moved to their current building in August of 2006. The building is named for Jeanne and Earl Berkey who once took the ice cream instruction course.

Each year, over 750,000 cones and bowls are served by the Creamery. On average, 700 milkshakes are made daily. In order to make 100 pounds of cheese, 1100 pounds of milk are needed. On football weekends, the line extends down the block. The building also houses a working lab where students research and learn about ice cream, milk and cheese making. The Creamery also sells products made on campus, including donuts, muffins, cookies, mushrooms, eggs, meats, sandwiches and salads, and the local favorite, Grilled Stickies. Chocolate milk has been voted the best.

In addition to cones or cups, ice cream may be purchased in half gallons and individual cups. The Creamery also offers other dairy products, including cheese and milk. They refer to themselves as “Cow to Cone”. Starting with the twice daily milking of 200 cows through the production process on campus, the elapsed time between cow and cone is about 4 days.

Real ice cream enthusiasts can take a 1-week course on making the perfect ice cream. Companies like Haagen-Dazs, Breyers, Baskin Robbins and Ben and Jerry’s have sent representatives to the course.

One cardinal rule at the Creamery is that flavors cannot be mixed on cones. This rule has been broken only 1 time for President Bill Clinton (he enjoyed Peachy Paterno and Cherry Quist). Other notable visitors were President George W. Bush, Mr. Rogers TV show, Martha Stewart, and Bob Costas.

Flavors range from standard vanilla and chocolate to Birthday Bash and August Pie. Notable PSU places and people are sometimes honored by having a flavor named after them, including BJC Jams, Russ Digs Roseberry, Peachy Paterno and Arboretum Breeze, to name a few.

Products can be purchased and packed with dry ice for your trip home. Ice cream may also be shipped to you. You can find limited selections at Medlar Field, Beaver Stadium and BJC in addition to all Commonwealth Campuses. Over 30 businesses that are not associated with the university also sell Creamery ice cream.